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Our mission is onboard at least ONE million members and make them active contributors in DAOs by 2025

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Benefits of an Engaged Community

Quick Decision-Making

Since the decision making process is closer to the scene of action, it leads to quicker decision-making

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent

Minimal Overhead

A community requires no employees or executive managers, thereby providing a very lean operating model


Once an active community is setup, it can work and produce results autonomously

Promotes Motivation

There is full cooperation between everyone and so there is incredibly positive energy

Eliminates Errors

Eliminates financial error or manipulation of investor funds by using transparent systems

Benefits of DoDAO's Onboarding Guides

  • To-the-point which helps onboard users within 5 minutes
  • Information is presented to the user in a piece-by-piece way
  • Evaluation steps force the user to go through the contents
  • Guide completion is tracked
  • Guides can be used to capture user information
  • Multiple guides can be bundled into "Guide Bundles"
  • All submission updates can be sent to Discord channels

Numbers reveal the growth rate

Since their inception, DAOs being the dynamic and unique organizations have witnessed a consistent upheaval in terms of their popularity, net worth and number of members involved.

Assets Under Management
Organization Members & Token Holders
Organizations with
AUM > $1M
Organizations with
Members > 100
By DeepDAO

What people say about DAOs

Capitalism and Progressivism

DAOs are the ultimate combination of capitalism and progressivism.There are so many features and processes in any given company that can be more efficient and productive using a decentralized, trustless approach. As companies are built on this approach we will see some incredibly disruptive businesses

Mark Cuban
The "Shark Tank" star, Dallas Mavericks owner

Spiritually, I love DAOs

Spiritually, I really love DAOs. Creating new and better ways for people to coordinate and cooperate around projects is definitely close to my heart.I’m very excited about the potential that DeFi offers in principle. The idea that anyone anywhere in the world can have access and choose their financial exposure is a very powerful thing.

Vitalik Buterin
Co-founders of Ethereum

Runs and operates like the internet

DAOs are very participatory.You don’t have to wait for a quorum or a sufficient number of people to vote in order to make a decision. It kind of runs and operates like the internet, through rough consensus.If there’s more people that support a project, a decision is made.

Aaron Wright
Founder-OpenLaw, Flamingo DAO, The LAO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization wherein decisions and financial transactions occur without the presence of any apex body or intermediaries.

What are the benefits of joining a DAO?

A DAO is free from hierarchy hurdles and bureaucracy barriers. Moreover, by joining a DAO you can connect with like minded people across the globe and be a part of a glorious community.

Are DAOs Legal?

On March 17, DAO Supplement bill was passed by Wyoming’s state senate. It applies the Wyoming LLC Act to DAOs, giving them legal status as limited liability companies (LLCs). It will not only protect DAOs from being sued as general partnerships but also solidify the rights of DAOs as legal persons.

How do DAOs work?

DAOs operate via smart contracts. The rules are formally encoded onto the blockchain and a code is automatically executed when certain criteria is met. 

What is the difference between a traditional organization and a DAO?

○A traditional organization is usually hierarchical in nature but incase of a DAO the control, leadership, authority and decision making power are transferred to a distributed network of autonomous participants.

How to create a DAO?

Head on the DAO Frameworks and choose a DAO Framework as per you needs