MGH’s vision is to make NFTs accessible and transparent for everyone while providing an infrastructure that allows NFT holders to use their NFTs versatilely other than just holding. This is achieved through collaborative governance, thereby generating additional value by and for the community

About MetaGameHub DAO

The MGH DAO strives to foster the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, oracles and AI. The goal is to foster an ecosystem which enables access to decentralized NFT Pools and NFT Pool Tokens (synthetic assets tracking the pool value) and thus enhancing the value factor of NFTs without the sacrifice of ownership for NFT holders - they can stake their NFTs but do not have to sell them. Furthermore, MGH DAO will provide a sophisticated AI-based oracle that allows the analysis of the respective NFT’s fair value and seamless, transparent integration into the NFT Pool. Community members can stake their NFTs and MGH Tokens to earn network rewards while participating in the governance of the ecosystem that consists of:

The DeFi and AI tools and The NFTs are owned directly by the DAO itself which it curates.

The initial focus will be on  metaverse  related NFTs as this evolving market has some of the most auspicious assets that are out there (e.g. LANDS).

Holders of the MGH future utility token can participate in the DAO’s governance, featuring decisions such as which NFT Pools are established on the MGH protocol, the terms of each pool and the governance of its assets.

Apart from providing innovative infrastructure to  support  the  financialization of the NFT world, MGH is structured as a DAO which allows it to be governed by the community, for the community. Therefore MGH Token holders are responsible for managing the DAOs funds from time to time.  They  will  collaboratively  govern NFTs of all types ranging from virtual lands, to IP and all sorts of collectibles.
About MetaGameHub Dao
MGH DAO members will vote on which NPs are created, the terms of each pool (e.g, how much MGH has to be staked to access them) and the overall governance of the DAO treasury. Due to the possibilities that arise from collaboratively governing NFTs (e.g. virtual land), the metaverse was selected as the category of MGH DAO’s first NFT Pool. The collaborative governance model will result in heterogeneous curation of virtual lands (e.g,  renting  them  out, placing advertisements, hosting events, galleries).

MGH DAO members can access the NFT world in a very innovative way through the introduction of NFT Pools (NP). Users can select a NP based on their NFTs, interact with an AI pricing oracle that will value their tokens, lock them in along with MGH as collateral and mint NFT Pool Tokens in return (NPTs). These tokens will track the value of NFTs, in a nutshell, the NPTs may replicate the value of the NFTs collateralized in the pool and can allow transparent accessibility and exposure to the NFT space.

NPTs can also be purchased at the MGH/NPT liquidity pools. Liquidity providers of the MGH/NPT pool will receive network rewards and LP Tokens  that  can  be utilized to access additional MGH.

MGH DAO members will submit proposals to create new NFT pools and will determine their terms (e.g. how much MGH has to be staked to access them). The pools can include NFTs ranging from virtual lands, to digital art and all sorts of collectibles.


21/10/04 Token Generation Event (TGE) MGH opens its doors to the public. Participation is possible via MGH’s own launch pool
Q4 2021 MGH Liquidity Pools on DEXs Exchanging MGH Tokens on the Ocean Marketplace (14.11.21) and Uniswap coming later in Q4.
Q4 2021 Metaverse NFTs curation The MGH community starts curating virtual lands in The Sandbox. This will expand to multiple virtual worlds, e.g., Decentraland, Somnium Space, etc.
Q1 2022 NFT Pools MVP The first NFT Pool for testing purposes. Integration of AI valuation model and oracle external adapter.
Q2 2022 NFT valuation Interface User friendly interface to request custom NFT valuations and access multiple data sets of NFT analytics
Q3 2022 DAO Launch Rollout of The DAC’s governance platform, allowing token holders to govern the organization in an intuitive way. Currently, voting and submitting proposals is possible via

Number of members

The actual framework of the DAO is not yet there. But currently MetaGameHub has 1,967 in Telegram

Membership Criteria

One can become part of MGH DAO by staking NFTs


Since the MGH DAO does not have a management board, board of directors or other hierarchical structures but is fully community driven and decentralized, it is necessary to have a sustainable and strong community, which decides about the future of MGH DAO. Every MGH token holder and MGH token staker is part of the MGH DAO and thus allowed to vote on changes to the MGH protocol. All governance topics will be discussed on a forum which will serve to measure the community sentiment regarding different issues affecting the DAO, discuss new polled proposals and form consensus on relevant  community  goals and targets. This may ensure that governance decisions are analyzed thoroughly by reaching consensus before starting the voting process itself. Proposals and  votes  are handled on

Members of the MGH DAO will be able to vote on the  following governance aspects:

Modifying the network rewards
* Determining the NFT categories for the NPs as well as their parameters
* NFT curation
* Governance of the DAO’s treasury
* Triggering emergency functions
* Blockchain infrastructure and algorithms
* Upgrading the MGH protocol governance system and more...

The members' votes are weighted by the number of MGH  delegated  to  the address used to vote.

After reaching consensus on a poll, users will head towards the MGH governance portal and create a formal proposal. Keep in mind that anyone, not only MGH holders, can submit proposals for an MGH vote. The governance rules can be amended by the community at any point of time with a majority of all circulating MGH tokens. There will be more details regarding the governance process as soon as the project goes live.

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