Aragon Govern

Aragon Govern is a pioneering framework for frictionless DAO governance with on-chain execution and plug-in dispute resolution. It uses optimistic governance i.e. all proposals are passed by default unless challenged and resolved on Aragon Court. Optimistic Governance assumes that all actions are legitimate unless proven otherwise.


For the people looking out for governing their organization effectively and efficiently, we have got something special for you all! If you wish to execute transactions effortlessly and initiate optimistic governance in your DAO, you are at the right place!

Aragon Govern would play a pivotal role in such cases! Let's know more about it!


About Aragon Govern

Aragon Govern is an emerging framework for hassle free and frictionless governance of the DAO. It is basically the execution branch of Aragon. The governance is executed on chain. It also offers a plug in dispute resolution mechanism. The essence of Aragon govern is that it instills a positive outlook in all the proposals. This is evident as all the proposals in Aragon govern are approved by default unless a dispute arises and the matter is challenged and resolved on Aragon court.

Aragon govern is a new Smart Contract system designed to manage unstoppable organizations on the blockchain in an effective and decentralized manner. It's architected using ERC3000, the next generation governance standard.

Features ofAragon govern

Aragon Govern not only helps a candidate to build up a customized Decentralized organization of his own but also conducts various operations via diverse avenues such as fetching data, creating a united community and much more! Here are some unique features that it offers!

Easy to understand - The modules in Govern are developed using a user friendly interface. Thus they are easy to understand, comprehend and communicate. 

Cost effective - Aragon Govern is a highly cost effective platform. The costs incurred are quite low and even negligible sometimes.

Reliable governance - Govern offers trustworthy and reliable governance. This is one of the distinguished qualities of Aragon Govern.

Voteless execution - The primary factor here is that no votes are required in any proposal. Here, all the proposals are approved until someone challenges it. 

High speed governance - Govern provides the services at any extremely high speed. It is ideal for the candidates who seek timely execution.


A step by step guide to create a DAO

Creating a DAO using Aragon Govern is quite simple and it just takes a few minutes! Just follow the below mentioned steps to form your own DAO using Aragon Govern! But, before that you will need a metamask wallet present on your system to proceed. So let’s begin! 

Step 1 - Click on create a DAO button

Click on create a DAO button on the top right corner of your screen. 

A dialogue box will appear showing two options ie Aragon client and Aragon Govern. Click on Aragon Govern on the right.

Thereafter, connect your metamask wallet with it. Choose a suitable network as per your requirement.

Step2 - Fill out the information

A multielement panel would appear before you and you would be asked to fill on the fields which include DAO Identifier, DAO token and proxies. Let's learn what each of them signifies.

DAO identifier - This will be your unique DAO identifier, and this will be used as part of the URL to directly access your DAO. There are some conditions, it cannot contain spaces, and should not have already been used by another DAO, i.e. it should be unique. You should try to name it something that relates to your community only

DAO Token - Here you need to fill out the information about the token. Keep in mind that your community will use it to govern your DAO. 

Choose the "New Token" option if you don't have a token yet and fill out the token name, token symbol, and how many tokens you wish to mint initially. You can mint more tokens in the future, or you can even change the token contract to restrict further minting in the future. All the minted tokens will initially be sent to your wallet which can thereafter be distributed.

If you already have a token, choose the Existing Token option and add your token address to it. 


Proxies - If you wish to reduce the amount of gas needed to deploy your DAO you can choose this option as it would give some drastic results. This means that instead of deploying a whole smart contract to be the executor of your DAO, you will just deploy a proxy contract. This means a substantial cut in your fee! 

Step3 - Configuration step

Next in line, we have the configuration step. This portion carries the following subparts.



  • Execution delay - It is the amount of time a given transaction will be kept on hold prior to being executed. During this period, the transaction can be reviewed by your community members and if it does not conform with your DAO agreement, it can be challenged. At the end of the delay period, the transaction will be available for execution. 
  • Rules and The Agreement -  Aragon strives to empower freedom by the creation of freedom-oriented tools and software. 

They are committed to building organizational forms which defend self-sovereignty. Thus, there arises a need to make a set of rules to be followed in the organization and this set of rules is called an agreement.

  • Dispute resolution client - This is meant to be the dispute redressal system for the enactment of the optimistic governance model. The default address is set to Aragon Court which is a tested and secure dispute resolution system by Aragon. However, you can change this address and point to a contract that follows the ERC3000 interface.

Step 4-Collateral


  • Schedule execution collateral Token - This is the token that will be required by any member to detain prior to scheduling a transaction. It needs to be defined by you. Any member who does not own the amount of tokens you define here, will not be able to schedule any transaction.
  • Challenge execution collateral token - This is the token that will be required by any member to detain prior to challenging a transaction. It needs to be defined by you. Any member who does not own the amount of tokens you define here, will not be able to challenge any transaction.
  • Whitelisting the addresses - This step is an optional step, it is not compulsory at all. It is just an additional safeguard step that you can add to your DAO. If you select any address here, any member that owns the schedule execution collateral can schedule transactions. 

Step 5- Click on confirm and create a DAO

Now that all the necessary steps are done, it’s time for launching your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization! Just click on confirm and create a DAO. Congrats! Your DAO has been created! 

How to challenge the transaction in Aragon Govern?

The transactions in Aragon Govern can be challenged too! With Aragon Govern's optimistic governance model, every transaction has a delay period allowing the community to review these and decide if these contain any unscrupulous content.

In such a case, transactions can be challenged, and a dispute is created in Aragon Court (or any other preferred dispute resolution system specified in the DAO).

If you do not agree with a transaction that has been scheduled, provide a clear justification so that guardians can understand why you are disputing it. This will greatly increase case comprehension for the guardians and can allow for fast dispute resolution.


How can you integrate Aragon Govern with Aragon client?

If you wish to know how you can incorporate optimistic governance within your Aragon Client DAO, well, you would find it all! Just think how amazing it would be if you can add the optimistic governance framework into your Aragon client to get the best of both worlds.

You can use Aragon Govern to schedule, challenge, and execute proposals that will take effect on the Aragon Client DAO.

This will replace the Voting App with a cheaper governance mechanism.

Requirements for integration

  • An Aragon Client DAO - You need to have a previously made Aragon Client DAO for integrating the DAOs.
  • An Aragon Govern DAO - You would also need an Aragon govern DAO for this function.
  • The same network - For this function to be executed you need to make sure that both the DAOs are made over the same network.
  • Permissions - You should grant desired permissions within the Aragon Client DAO  about the Govern Executor address.

A step-by-step tutorial!

Here, you would find easy-to-understand guidelines to incorporate governance into Aragon client.

Step 1- Go to DAO settings

Go to your Aragon Govern DAO and press "DAO Settings"

Step 2 - Copy the address from the Govern Executor Address field

A new panel will appear. This address needs to be copied as shown.

Step3 - Link your execution

For this, go to your Aragon Govern DAO and press "New Transaction"

Fill in the "Title" and "Justification" fields. Finally, Press the "Add new transaction" button.

Step 4 - Extract your contract

 Select the "External Contract" option.Enter "0x4c0960a290be920c92c5c2538e6d9d9e4d50e397" or any other unverified contract from Etherscan. You can change it later.

Step 5 - Add the input contract address

You need to fill in the "Input contract address" Field. You can change it with the address of the App from the Aragon Client DAO you would like to interact with.

You can find it on the "Organizations" page of your DAO portal. Look at the "INSTALLED ARAGON APPS" section there.

Step 6 - Fill the Input function ABI field

Into the "Input function ABI" field enter the ABI obtained with the following steps:

1. Find the base contract of the selected Aragon App that you would like to interact with 

  • Open the address that you have used in step 4 on Etherscan. 
  • Go to "Contract" 
  • Select "Read contract" 
  • Expand "Implementation" 
  • Open the address that appeared under "implementation" on Etherscan.

2. Copy the ABI of the opened address to the field in Step 5
  • Go to "Contract"
  •  Select "Code" 
  • Locate "Contract ABI" 
  • Copy the ABI to the Govern Form ABI input field

Step 7 - Select the method

Press the "Select" button and select the method you would like to invoke on the Client DAO App, then press "Select".

Here we will interact with the "Finance" app and we have selected to create a new payout from the Client DAO vault.

Step 8 - The transaction information

Fill in all the input parameters for this function call. Here, you have to create a new immediate payment from the Finance app. It will transfer 0.1 ETH (represented by a 0x0..0 token address) to the 0x424... address. 

Final Step - Schedule the transaction

Press the "Schedule" button. Also, if you would like to add more contract interactions to this proposal press the "Add new transaction" button.

There you go! Now, you execute the actions that will take effect on the Aragon Client DAO.

Aragon Client vs Aragon Govern

Though Client and Govern both are offered by Aragon and you can make your own DAO using each of them, you still need to note that there is a great deal of difference in these two platforms!

All the major differences are mentioned in a tabular format below. Have a look for a crystal clear understanding!

Aragon Client

Aragon Govern

Aragon Client is the first generation protocol to create DAOs. It was initially launched in 2019 and became the dominant solution on the market. 

Aragon Govern is a DAO framework that relies on optimistic governance, empowering digital groups to operate in a frictionless governance model with on-chain execution and easy-to-use dispute resolution

The special feature, in this case, is definitely the unique and versatile templates available!

Here, the special feature is definitely the frictionless optimistic Governance!

The essence of Aragon Client is that it promotes democracy and freedom to express opinions via votes. The voting mechanism of Aragon client is quite popular

There is no voting in the govern platform as it relies on the assumption that actions are predominantly correct and do not require voting support.

It is ideal for people who wish to build up their DAO and also wish to avail the proposal and voting services.

It is ideal for the people looking out for governance of their DAO as Govern has a management and execution-oriented approach.


So, in this article, we learned a lot of new stuff about Aragon Govern. Everything from the basic information to the step-by-step guides was elaborated here. 

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